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Gear up people and register for the speaker contest before you lose the opportunity!!!
The theme this year is “It Starts With Us” and true to its title we will be looking for people who believe that one person can be the harbinger of change. The key is individuality and initiative – the change that comes from within. 
Be it breaking gender norms, stereotypes, society’s limitations or taking up any other initiative no matter how big or small; we are here to listen to your stories. Because every story matters, every struggle matters and every bout of strength matters that triggers change. 
TEDx Kinnaird needs your own stories of how you remained steadfast in the face of adversity and how it always starts with us.
Follow these simple steps below:
1) Send us a video of you & a written piece explaining your idea. Your talk should be brief & to the point.
2) Please make sure that the video is no longer than 7 minutes. 
3) Send your entries to tedxkinnaird19@gmail.com by 3 p.m. 21-01-2019. 
For any queries, email us on tedxkinnaird19@gmail.com
Important announcement regarding the SPEAKER CONTEST POST 
All those sending your material in response to this post need to make sure that they are sending us their complete profile information & to why they wish to be a TEDx speaker along with the video & written draft mentioned. 
Also note, the video has to be of “you” (a new raw video of you sharing your idea) not your company or work video which has already been made & shared anywhere before. All those who fail to meet the requirements will be disqualified by the TEDxKinnaird speaker selection panel. 
Also, mention in your email that your response is to this post made on the page. 
This is not a first come, first serve speaker registration. The content matters. ALOT
Your responses will be critically reviewed by the speaker selection panel. 
Good Luck. 
Team TEDxKinnaird



Often times we blame the society for setting limitations on us because our situation isn’t ideal enough, however, people become extraordinary under ordinary conditions just by not letting those limitations define them. This starts with bringing the change within ourselves before we change the world.

It is hard to stand up for yourself when you’ve always been told to sit down and harder still if you’re the only person in the room challenging the status quo. That’s why here at TedxKinnaird, we acknowledge the unsung heroes of our society; especially those who have broken away from the shackles of normative behavior and challenged stereotypes with their creative output and skills.

The theme for 2019 is an ode to all of us; “It Starts With Us.” It celebrates your passion, your ideas, your strength to stand on your ground, and say “if not me then who? If not now then when?”

As Muniba Mazari would say;

“I could not find a hero in my life so I became one”

New Year, New Beginnings, New Voices…your stories continue!

Guess who’s back! The biggest event of 2019 is heading your way!
Stay tuned for more updates.

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