This year we are playing with perspectives and spreading ideas beyond imagination. We are going to play with your reality, and shape it to make you see from the eyes of another and give flight to powerful ideas. Get ready to be immersed in an experience away from the normal and a boundless inventiveness of the imagination!






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TEDxKinnaird 2018: Playing with Perspectives


Playing with perspectives means to think out of the box and to indulge in those perspectives that seem out of the ordinary. It’s all about how you perceive any situation and what you choose to focus on that takes you to the next step.

Imagine if Leonardo Da Vinci thought that flying machines could not be made or Vincent Van Gogh had failed to develop the perspective that allowed him to paint one of the most famous paintings of his era. Where would we be then?

Everyone has a different perspective about everything but due to the monotonous system of our society, we’ve all been trained to think the same way. Don’t let that thinking stop you from achieving what could be, the cure to cancer!

Choose your own perspective and bring in new ideas that boggle the mind and enrich it at the same time. Crazy ideas are always the best ones and through our theme this year, we hope to create a different kind of thinking and develop new perspectives that lead to fruitful discoveries. 
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